The Lindsborg Swedish Folk Dancers, established 1963, is a group of high school dancers and musicians dedicated to promoting the study and appreciation of traditional Swedish folk dance and music. Through performances at local festivals and celebrations and on tour throughout the United States and Scandinavia, they seek to preserve their community’s Swedish heritage, and encourage the continued recognition and observation of Swedish customs and folklore.

In 2018 the organization celebrated its 55th year as a one-of-a-kind cultural icon. One might wonder if those who began this tradition with a few dances at a 1963 Saint Lucia celebration could have imagined it would persist so far into the future. In fact, with over 40 dancers and fiddlers and an engaged, dedicated group of parents, the organization is as strong and vibrant as it’s ever been.

Administrative Director: Melinda Hansen
Dance Director: Tami Dahlsten
Fiddle Director: Mandy Francisco
Treasurer: Becky Grosland