2023 Sweden Tour Annouced

2022 Saint Lucia

Campbell Gaskill to serve as 2022 Saint Lucia on Saturday, December 10th

The legend of Saint Lucia tells the story of a young girl, clad in a white gown with a red sash, her head surrounded by a halo of light, who appeared to bring hope, warmth and food to those in need during a time of famine in Sweden. 

The Lindsborg Saint Lucia Festival is a beautiful and important celebration during the holiday season. Lindsborg’s traditional festival will be celebrated on Saturday, December 10th. The Lindsborg Swedish Folk Dancers will host the festival event by providing Swedish folk dancing performances downtown (10:15AM) and on the Bethany Lutheran Church lawn (1:45PM). A church service honoring Saint Lucia will also take place there at 3PM. There will be many other activities going on throughout the downtown area as well. 

Campbell Gaskill was drawn from the eligible senior girls to serve as the Lindsborg Swedish Folk Dancers’ Saint Lucia.  Gaskill and Star Boys Alex Grosland and Caleb Replogle, as well as other senior members will be downtown serving refreshments throughout the day.  The organization will also be hosting a Swedish bake sale in the Courtyard Gallery from 10AM-2PM with all proceeds being donated to TACOL, in the true Saint Lucia custom of giving to others. 

St. Lucia Festival – December 10, 2022